The Mini transat 650 boats, or better known as Minis.
Basic features ; LOA 6.50 m Beam 3.00 m  Drought 2.00 m 
Mast ca. 11.00 m. Sail area; up to 130 m2

In the Classe Mini there is a lot of development and testing done, it is one of the playgrounds fordesigners. So you can see amazing features floating around in the ports.
High tech against low tech;
Carbon fiber Nomex cored hulls against plywood, Canting/Sliding keels with dagger boards against fixed keels with water ballast, build at the best yard in an Autoclave or backyard builders in the rain, world famous designer against self designed boats, carbon rotating canting mast or alu sticks.

In the Classe Mini there are two types of boats racing. First the so called Protos. These are PROTOTYPES,  everyone can be different, as long if they fit the rules.
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And then there is a class which aim it is to make sailing the Transat 650 cheaper. This Class is made upoff PRODUCTION boats. They have to be professionally build in one yard and the hull, deck and mast are for all the boats the same. They are not exactly one design as the deck layout and hardware is changeable.
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