Information about all the equipment found on a Mini.It is dependable on the rules what is prohibited, what allowed and what is compulsory. So check the rules...

Freeby, gratis, etc, sextant manual in short.

With the coming of the wind speedometer, you can do more tricks, like enhancing your autopilot. And performance software can be used more cost effective. One such a program is written by a Mini sailor, check out his product;

What is the equipment generally found on a mini ?

As it are single-handed driven boats the autopilot is very welcome on board.
As the Minis are quite erratic behaving boats, due to shape and sail plan, the technical demand on an autopilot is high.
Together with a shortage of electricity onboard you have one hotspot.
Currently you have the normal flux gate and now getting more popular the gyrocompensated pilots.
More about this topic....

A Class V or Iso liferaft. The hunt is for the lightest.
Why do you need a life raft on an unsinkable boat ?
Older designs stayed upside down (they are still being sailed), and they are VERY handy in transferring people to helicopters.

A SSB radio receiver.
The sender is not allowed due to the rules of no outside resistance. The sailors will get daily a weather forecast bySSB. Called BLU in France.

A generator;
Very handy to overcome the electricity shortcomings.
The choice is between good loading capabilities (as some gensets are developed to produce electricity for instance use and not for storage in the batteries, something to do with block versus sinus output), fuel efficiency and weight. Some mini sail without them, and with the power increase of the solar panels the future looks less smelly ;*). All the gensets I have seen are Honda's. New isthe Hydrogen MAxPower, a fuel cell. Expensive though, but light and constant charging.

Solar cells;
That is carried by most of the sailors or I guess by all. Lightweight and good output are the requirements.
As the technology is getting better we will see improvement on this.

A GPS is allowed. But no Map possibility (navigation maps, with bouys etc)

A sextant, and it is not that hard to learn... I did it in 2 hrs, with Davis Mark3plastic one, it includes a emergency calculation, enough to start with. Or a bit more longer but still short and clear enough is a manual donated by Andrew Evans, aka Foolish Moose.

A 406 Mhz and 121.5 Mhz EPIRB SARSAT-COSPAS beacon is mandatory. WIth 46hr battery life... with dated batteries too ...
Follow link to see an example of a beacon. Check your VHF license authority if you need a special paper to have an MMSI (identity number), in Holland for example you need a Marcom B license.
For the bigger races like the minitransat an Inmarset D will be installed, only for three options by button. 1- I need outside assistance, 2- I need to be rescued 3- I am ok but going to port.

Safety equipment;
This page has the whole list. BUT OUTDATED.

NO weatherfax receivers, satellite phones ore other devices which could be used for outside assistance allowed, not even pidgins ;), no use of cellphone either !!!.