ginto 102

A Magnen design, has a good reputation in light winds.
Only two serious racing, and they did came into top 10 results. So a promising design....

But there is docktalk going around about the Ginto:

1, Ginto is serie, boats need measured boat by boat, some had deeper keels due to manufactoring (outsourced) error.

2- according to some sources i trust, one Ginto was caught with waterballast tanks in place, thats against the rule.

Working on this one: in discussion with yard now.

But is it the yard, or the sailors that cheated ???
In any case Magnen has an history of pushing waterballast systems for the production class when he was short time president of the Classe Mini. TamTam is caught too. A case of bad advice from designer to sailors ??? Who knows...

But Ginto yard statements:
"To our knowledge no Ginto raced with waterballast"
"Classe Mini did not let us know of a change of status"
"We are not going to fill up the possible tankarea"

Some things i learned, they went into resin infusion system, result is a better finished boat.
14 sailing around, one in construction.

Its a pity, the Ginto is a serie worth to consider. Specially if they can get the weight down... Hope it will clear up soon, waiting for a statement of the Classe Mini..ginto 202
So back to the boat.
Normal mast choice. Entrance on the uneasy side, special feature, the tabernacle in the cockpit for the mainsheet. Another different thing, the bow stanchions, (pull or push pit, i always mix them up, i push and pull at both....). Bowsprit can only be pulled inboard in hte limits on one side. Advantage, bigger workspace upfront, disadvantage, if you are on the other bow... it will stick out there a bit...