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Classe Mini

French Classe Mini
Italian Mini Assocation

mini skipper assocations
(non official, no voting rights rules)

UK Mini Association
Belgian Skippers Class
Norwegian Skippers Class
Brazilian skippers
US Skippers Class
South African Skippers Class
Canadian Class mini

Other Assocations

POGO 650/2/850 Assocation
International Sailing Federation
Spain Ass. de Navegants Solitaris ANS
Open 30 Class Assocation

Production yards

Structures , Pogo2
Disegnocontrario Naus,
Zero, MOS composites
Dingo, Chantier Maree Haute
TipTop, Bepox
Ginto Azimuth (not sure if serie)

News sites with mini interesse

The, paid subscription., French
Scuttlebutt Europe, a daily sailing email with interest in the Mini.


World speed sailing records
Navigation rules program
Sail performance (polar) program