The Production boat used as a Trans Atlantic racer.
A 1993 design of Rolland.

pogo sail boat

A Pogo photo page


The Pogo is the production design that was the most used in the Serie Class. the boat is tested and quick. To sail a serie design means less costs. This text has been taken from the Pogo brochure;

The Pogo is a racing and cruising sailboat created and built for the open sea. It is meant for owners wanting a performance cruiser, which is very seaworthy, pleasant and simple to use solo or with a small crew. The Pogo is spacious and functionally fitted out. It has, among other things, an conventional spipole, but a with fitting that can be used in the racing with the pole as a fixed sprit, not for spinnakers but for the screecher, two rudder blades, good rigging and can be delivered at any specified level of finish.Its high end deck hardware is meant to race in in local regattas. Additionally the Pogo was accepted in the Mini Transat class. More then 80 units have been sold to date.....(1999).

Guarantee of performance;The Pogo hull is the same as that of "Amnesty International", the winner of the difficult 1993 Minitransat. Its speed, rigidity with sails hoisted and its stability are unanimously acknowledged as superb.Since 1997 the Pogo is the most widespread serial boat in the mini class races.


Length wl; 6.50 m
Length oa; 6.50 m
Beam; 2.97 m
Draught; 1.58 m
Displacement; 890 kg
Ballast; 450 kg
Mast height 11.00m
Inside height 1.57m
Water ballast: not available


Mainsail; 24 m2
Genoa; 18 m2
Jib 12 m2
Storm jib; 4 m2
Spi; 72 / 48 m2


Polyester full glass
Sandwich of
glass/balsa Polyester
Polyester/glass/foa m


For info about the pogo contact;
ZA de Kerbenoen 29120
Combrit Sainte-Marine (France)
Fax; 0033 (0) 2 98 56 47 74
Tel; 0033 (0) 2 98 51 94 73

Check the site for more Pogo News.


Drawing by Jaanus Tamme, Estonia

Pogo Photo Gallery
here some detail photos and nice shots.

Want to see pictures of the kit version of the Pogo being assembled ? Surf to this JAPANESE site.

Are you curious about the speed the Pogo can achieve ? Follow this link to the polar curve.

A personal thought about the Pogo;

The Serie Class is a Class were the level is high, and a Pogo is the most spread in the class.
Sailing a Pogo will bring you up to speed fast, resale is no problem.

The boat is well engineerd and sturdy enough to do the job. As the Pogo is a big success and is raced much it proved itself.

In the 99 Mini Transat a Pogo has been rolled 4 times as he was laying a hull (bad seas were building, many sailors withdraw with damage, out of 70 only 16 did not stop) and still the mast was standing.Then the sailor set a storm jib and he just saw the speed climbing into the 20 knots and then the boat pitchpoled. This was finally enough to break the mast, no structural damage occurred. It seems that 15 knots is the speedlimit ;*), awesome ?

And the builder participated in a Pogo in the Mini Transat´99, and won the Production Class. So he must have confidence in his product.

One reason not to choose a Pogo for the Transat 650 is that you dislike symmetrical spi's. The Pogo Class organisation did not vote in favour (2003) for this change.
Nothing withstand you to buy the Pogo2 setup and place it on the Pogo, only you will be clasified as a Proto. It is one of my critic points, I like the rotating bowsprit.

A Pogo photo page
Pogo photo

Drawing by Jaanus Tamme, Estonia