This is a race sailed every two year, the odd years. So the next one is in 2007. The time between two races is just enough to prepare a campaign.

As the name indicates is it a race across the Atlantic ocean. With a stop in the Canaries, Madeira or the Azores. The exact stop depends on the possibilities of the organization. The totaldistance covered is in the order of 4000 miles. The 2005 Route can be found here.

Before the Transat there are a couple of major races out of France, they are used as qualification races. And in the even years a couple of races are organized. So there is always action... the qualification process is the most strict in the long distance race circuit.

This Class is the only one in the world that organizes a transat every two year.
The Class asks potential sponsors to organize the race, they file their plans, and the Class Mini chooses the best. Lately the GP, Grand Pavois is the sponsor. They have an organizing office that manages the races. The Class Mini is now responsible for the rules, safety, qualification, etc etc. But does not organize the race.

How does the sailors looks like ?
It is a bunch of sailors with small budgets, so expect no luxury mobile homes, competitors shore stands etc. But more a field divided into (more or less) three groups,
1-young sailors- without serious money mostly- paps and moms helping out, even with preparations ;) You recognize them by sleeping on the boat, lot of time spending together in the cheapest bars and restaurants, unshaven.

2-older sailors- more of an interruption of thenormal live to do an adventure, and they will get one :), normally a bit wealthier then the youngsters. They sleep in hotels, and look shaven often with kids....

3-the rest, 
- loners
- professional sailors looking for something else.
- fully sponsored sailors, very rare.
- whatever....

Or they are a combination ;)

One point, sometimes there are stories off well paid sailors, I have never spoken to one, butmaybe a few have been there. Even with good sponorship, most goes to the boat :)

Race program

For the current Race program see the French ClassMini website or the Italian or the US

Race results

See the ClasseMini Website
or maybe better Yves LeBlevec site, section telechargements.

Sailors stories:

04 stories:
Qualification in the Med, Totem.
Mini Barcelona

McKee Transat 650 2003,
Munslow '03: Low budget sailor.
Podesta '03: Second leg


The Transat 650 all years

I made a page with a short description of all mini races incl transat held.
On the designers page there is a list of winners of all MT sailed.