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This is an text that appeared on the now dissapeared RYA solo website.
I think i reckon the words of Ian (team 650) in this text.
It is interesting so I decided to place it here in total.

Written in 2000, copyright RYASOLO, but some edeting by me;

Classe Mini Open Prototype
One-design Series

Twenty-one foot turbo-charged Transat 'Skiff' Racing

Entry level Open Class Campaigning and closely fought One-design extreme offshore racing – not for the feint-hearted!

  • Prototypes – simple 'box rule' – chance to innovate
    14m mast tip to keel base; 3m max beam; 6.5m max length
    Requires serious commitment and from around £30k for first season
  • Production Class – luxury by comparison -yard built serie production, different types involved– but serious .Lower cost but still very competitive
    Requires dedication and from around £20k for first season.
  • French based racing
    Ability to speak French a great benefit – really serious? Then a must!
    Beauty of the Mini is that all skippers are considered equal – whatever your level of funding and ability all are welcomed as champions.
  • Try before you buy – not everyone enjoys it!
    If you like life in a cupboard when dry – rarely…
    Enjoy life in a washing machine – most of the time?
    You might like Mini sailing – do not commit money before you are sure – it is not everyone's idea of a good time!
  • Learn how to present to and offer value for money to sponsors
    Some can do it themselves but most need the help and support of a Team.
    Make sure your friends and family understand what you are trying to do.
  • Be in no doubt – Mini Boats Still Need Maximum Commitment
    This needs professional level attitude to come close to success.
    Be realistic about your level – all levels are valid.
  • It is tough – tougher than any domestic 'Club' style racing
    Be in absolutely no doubt – this is a dangerous and serious sport