The SuperCalin,
 a plywood multichine race machine.
 A design of JP Magnan.
35 of them build, end 2003.

This design is an attractive boat. Well build and good looking. The designer is know from other Mini designs and I know that he has designed a quick Mini [nr828]. This boat sailed to a second place overall in 1997. And the SuperCalin did very well in the 2001 Transat 650.

The boat is build over a mould by Magnan self. To be a Production Boat it is not allowed to build him yourself.
The hull is plywood covered with a mat and epoxy and the deck a sandwich of foam and epoxy.

Why do you see not much SC sail around ?

The yard has a limited production, and not every SC turns up in the racing circuit, from the Pogo less then 25% shows up in Class Mini races. SC produces 12 a year, that means in same numbers 3 a yr. appearing on the racing course, and that is about right.

Website for the SuperCalin;


Length OA : 6,50 m
Beam : 2,74 m
Draft : 1,60 m
Displacement Light : 880 kg
Ballast lead : 450 kg

Main : 25 m2
Solent Jib : 10,40 m2
Gennaker : 25 m2
Spi 1 : 72 m2
Spi 2 : 55 m2
Spi 3 : 38 m2
length bowsprit : 4 m

And we have a polar of the SuperCalin. For more photos and links see the SuperCalin photo page.

More photos.

Above the SuperCalin, under the 828 which did well in 1997