Added June 07:
Tiptop moved to LaRochelle and fused with Naval Force3.

Tiptop, Bepox. tiptop1 8
Designed by Manuard. He is known for good designs in the ProtoClass.  Always saying, i have the most powerfull :), but powerfull means a little more boat too, little more friction, little more strength needed in structure, little harder to keep in grove. This design has a lot of width going more in the front. Lets see if that works out :)
So in short do not expect a magical boat, but a good one. His boats ranks normally high on the lists, but they do not win every race too.
The designer has sailed two Mini Transats.

What is most striking on looks, the hull deck connection, it makes it a bit more stiff, but harder to build, (Gossip, I heared people say it helped for self righting,even a number of 13% more, i think thats BS :) )
On equipment the one tiller in a cockpit that has no bulge for the liferaft is different. This makes the cockpit floor same level, and will improve the sail handling with 3 a 4 crew. Why you want to race a Mini with 4 man is beyond my imagination...
I do not think that the ClasseMini will start doing MT's with 4 person crews :)

Mast and rigging looks like most production designs and is a safe choice.
Interior is more like the SuperCalin and Zero, unlike the more Spartan Pogo2 and Ginto.

Entrance is for the youthfull, same as Ginto, hole in the wall.
Cockpit a bit deeper then p2.
A small escape hatch.

I commented that it looked a lot like the p2, but they did not like that :)
Its a nice new comer on the market.