I will collect any info I will get about Carbon masts here.
So if someone has more info.... I am awaiting it :)

Fibraspars is company based in Split, Croatia.Most of our production is custom products in carbon fibre for yachting. We make poles, booms, and masts (up to 13m long).
Our mast tubes (and most other products) are laminated from prepreg, cured in autoclave. We have 13 m long autoclave that can be pressurized to 6 bar and heated to 150°C.
Mast tube we made for mini has 115x78 mm section with different panel weights, 0,9 kg/m at top panel to 1,8 kg/m at bottom panel. CG of tubelike this is some 40% from mast foot, which is good for stability and thus boat speed. Al local reinforcement  (halyard exits, spreaders reinforcement, etc..) is laminated and cured together with mast tube in single shot operation.
Sail track is Holt alloy section glued and riveted to tube. Spreaders are also made in CF, connected to tube with SS ball joints that enable spreader rake to be adjusted.
For now we can provide standing rigging made at localrig shop (standard wire or dyform). PBO standing rigging will bee offered soon as well. 
R&D : Composite sail track integrated and cured with mast tube, free standing wing mast, canards, rudders, carbon  keel for minis.
Contact details:
Phone: +385 98 756 939
mail: info@fibraspars.com

"note Leo, met the guy,he knows what he is talking about, has experience, Tobias Hohenreuther had one on his boat, no problems during the MT. One person company...."

We are a design & build ship yard and we have made severals mini-transat and parts for (Purple Haze N°321, Gimmick N°454, carbons masts, carbons keels, carbons rudders...).
our web site :

They are tube manufacturers and not mastmakers. So you have to find a mastmaker that wants to deal with them. On the website there are downloads of our mast tubes with technical data & prices. Thier CNC process allows us to easily modify the Axial Fibre thickness or where the thickness is around the section.
You can read on thewebsite how they make axial fibre filament wound masts,  the lengths they can make and how they join tubes.
They have many more tubes & can make for Mini 6.5s,Spreaders, Bow sprits, Booms, Horns, Mainsheet tracks, Rudder connections
You have to find a mastmaker that wants to deal with the luffgroove, spreade base etc,they do not provide a complted product, just tubes.

Pro-file Composites;
P.A. de la Ria d'Etel 56550 BELZ, France
+33(0)2 97 59 21 36 fax +33(0)2 97 59 21 37

Feb: 2004.
Update April: (This mast is made in two sections; inner and outside, so you have secondary bonding, it is not filament winding as I wrote first.)
Here we see a product ready, it is very stiff !!! First photo you can see the slight prebend against inversion. The second photo shows the lateral/sideways bend. It is a lot stiffer then the alu masts....

This company is starting mini rig's production with directional fibers. They can offer a simple profile up to a finished complete mast to allow small budgets to optimise new rules. The goal is to produce light, solid and cheapest as possible carbon non-assembled profiles, for composite specialists that a lot of Mini 6.50 skippers are. The company is not adapted to produce many finished masts in a short time. Skippers, who are not composite workers, will have to wait or can ask other people or company to assemble their mast. The inside dimensions are fixed (136x70) but layers can be adapted to each different inertias, reinforcements and rigging types. Of course the waitingtime will be short if you order a simple profile (approx 1 month) and separated composite pièces (spreaders etc...). You can adapt the finish, gear and rig fitting to your own way of building.
For a complete mast they can't make better than June 2004 and price will depend of rig fitting solutions (T terminal or composites fixing) and finishing level (painting, gear quality).

Here an example for of their pricing, but it depends on what you want....
2000 € for the profile 1.38kg/m 142x76 outside dimensions without any finishingwork. The epoxy resin resist from sun radiations, so you can leave it in that way.
280 € for un-mounted, pressurised/moulded pair of profiled and tapered spreaders made with carbon (UD) glass (+/-45°) fibre (Carbon for +/-
45° with 40 € extra cost).
190 euro for a 2 ball sheaves carbon masthead  un-mounted (main
& head kite).
Approx. 5500 € for a complete finished 2 laminated pair of spreaders mast, with gear and paint without halyards & rig.
Other peripherals like gooseneck, track, tangs and mast base are standard aluminium or stainless parts. Harken 38mm ball blocks for jib and frac. kite.

I got this email from them;
We are a mast making and rigging company. We have been actively involved in the mini class for about 4 years as one of our team, David Barden used to sail Reality. We designed and made an alloy spar for the class, of which the two most notable were for Cian Mccarthy and the last rig in Reality, which won the triangle du soliel and was 6th in the mini fastnet. We have now taken this info and designed a carbon mast, with similiar engineering, which we know to be very reliable. High modulushave done all the laminate work and Dan Emus form Independant composites is making the tube for us. We now have a mast that weighs only 1.2KG /mtr which is about 56% of the weight of our alloy spar.

As for spreader angles we can adapt to most angles from 0 -20 degrees. Likewise we can use narrow lower spreaders and wide upper
spreaders, or two pairs of wide spreaders.

Mast - made using our new carbon mini mast section (116mm x 75mm, approx 1.215 kg/mtr)
Spec to include: -
· Fabricated mast head assembly c/w 45mm dia sheaves for main and mast head kite halyards
· Fabricated tangs for topmast runners, runners and check stays
· Coquille shells for side stays
· T-terminal plates for topmast cap shrouds
· Internal attachment for forestay
· External spectra grommet for baby stay
· Stainless steel ball race blocks for Jib halyard and fractional kite halyards
· 2 pairs of carbon aerofoil spreaders, c/w stainless spreader ends all designed fordiscontinuous rod rigging
· Stainless steel gooseneck and boom toggle
· Mast gaiter
· Fabricated alloy mast base (supplied loose)
Total Price £3850.00

Boom - made using an 88mm dia carbon tube with localised strengthening
Spec to include: -
· Webbing strop for kicker
· Webbing strop for main sheet
· Internally reeved outhaul sheave box
· Cheek blocks for 2 reef lines
· Entry slots to lead reef lines internally
· Composite inboard end assembly c/w integral turning blocks for 2 reef lines
· Slot in underside of boom for outhaul to exit boom
· Mouse lines for reef lines and outhaul
Total Price £850.00

Standing rigging -made using Navtec Nitronic 50 rod rigging, to include
· 2 off D1 c/w 674 type rigging screws -6
· 2 off V1/ c/w 674 type rigging screws -6
· 2 off V2/D3 - 4
· 2 off D2 c/w tip cup type turnbuckle - 4
· 2 off D4 made using 3mm Dyform wire with lashing adjuster
· 1 off forestay (eye to eye) -4
· 1 off 4mm 1x19 baby stay
Total Price £928.00

Running Rigging - made using 6mm dia SK75 spectra. Colour coded, to include
· Main Halyard · Jib Halyard· Mast head Kite Halyard· Fractional Kite Halyard
Total Price £150.00

Running backstays - made from Vectran and Spectra with braided jackets on theVectran. All ropes eye to eye, to include· 2 off topmast runners Vectran· 2 off fractional runners Vectran· 2 off check stays Spectra
Total Price£680.00

Carriage of tube to Plymouth£40.00
Tri white mast head light and cable£45.00
Stubby Vhf aerial£49.00
Tensioned sock for cables and labour to fit £66.00

All prices exclude 17.5% Vat and are valid for 60 days from the above date.
For contact details, see;

Note Leo; one mast broke during the Mt05, one broke on 198 in '04.
But other boats had no problems.

This company had its engineering department in France, hence they know what a Mini is :) I am currently trying to pry some info out of them about which profile would be suitable..
So far I have;
Nordic: NMC 130 section,
Three panelsections,
130 x 81 mm, min. weight 1,75 kg/mtr, Ix/Iy at E=71 Gpa, 240/110 cm4,
max. weight 2,35 Kg/Mtr = 310/150 cm4
I get multiple informations with slightly different numbers.
Do not know the panellengths....

Your local mastbuilder can propose the spreaders etc etc.